Why Soakless?

Did you know a single whirlpool pedicure spa can use around 15 gallons of water per pedicure?  That's over 20,000 gallons of water per year!

Did you know there are many medical conditions that caution against the soaking, or extended soaking, of feet?  These include diabetes, autoimmune and circulatory disorders, to name a few.

Did you know prolonged water exposure dehydrates the skin and swells the nail plate, leading to peeling and chipping?  Furthermore, waterlogged skin can hide problems, reducing the effectiveness of the service. 

We Choose Healthy!

As a low-water use salon, we are soakless, not totally soakfree.  After a thorough consultation and analysis, you will be treated to a cleansing foot soak in a jet-free bath with a disposable liner.  In the event a foot soak is not indicated, a dry or soakfree pedicure will be performed.

We use Footlogix Pediceuticals in our pedicure services. They are highly effective, safe for all ages, and developed specifically for the skin of the foot.

We Sterilize!

We follow aseptic protocols in our services.  This includes the use of disposable files and buffers, sanitary pedicure liners, wearing gloves and masks, and medical-grade sterilization.  All of our stainless steel tools are steam sterilized in a medical autoclave.  We also disinfect surfaces between clients using a high-level, EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectant.