Deb Blatchley, Owner, CMP, M-ANT

  • Licensed Colorado Cosmetologist since 1990
  • Level Two Certified Master Pedicurist (CMP), North American School of Podology
  • Certified Medinail - Advanced Nail Technologist (M-ANT)
  • CND Grand Master Nail Tech
  • CND Shellac Certified Pro
  • Gelousy Gel Nail Systems Master Nail Tech 
  • AEFM Certification in electric file safety



  As a licensed, professional cosmetologist, I have focused my career on the ever-changing and challenging world of nail care.  In recent years, I have noticed a growing need for true health care of the hands, feet, and nails.  The population is trending older, and whether it's because of arthritis, diabetes or other chronic illness, or a decrease in vision or dexterity, senior foot care is becoming a category all it's own. 

  This awareness led to a demand for higher education in understanding the unique challenges of the diabetic and geriatric foot, the importance of exceeding state board requirements for disinfection when working with at-risk clients, and the ability to recognize disorders requiring medical intervention.